2021 Annual Condo Meeting

A complex-wide annual meeting is being planned for this year. This meeting will take place either in a properly socially distanced physical meeting or via Zoom. The meeting is being planned for a May/June time frame. Details regarding this meeting will be sent to all residents with instructions.

Upcoming Projects at the Cascades in 2021

Deck replacement for building 1

Roof replacement for building 2



Storage and use of propane and solid fuel grills on the decks and at ground level at The Cascades Condos

Effective September 11, 2020


Per an Order of Notice from the Dracut Fire Department, Deputy Chief Patterson pertaining to the storage and use of propane and solid fuel grills on the decks and at ground level at The Cascades Condominiums, the following regulations pertinent to the Cascades Condominiums are as follows: 


1) All decks are considered fire escapes, therefore NO propane or solid fuel grills may be stored or used on decks, and MUST be removed.

2) Electric grills are permitted.


1) Propane or solid fuel grills may be stored on or near patios, but propane tanks MUST be disconnected, and/or solid fuels REMOVED.

2) Propane or solid fuel grills MUST be at a distance of 10 feet or greater from the building when being used.

3) Electric grills may be stored and used on or near patios.

Failure to comply with the above written Order by October 25th, 2020 will result in a $1,000 fine being assessed by the Dracut Fire Department on noncompliant unit owners.  

For any questions, please contact Property Management of Andover. 

Roof Replacement Building 1 - Completed

Work is expected to start September 22, 2020, weather permitting. 

Building 1 residents will be reminded to remove their vehicles from the building front parking spaces by 7 am on the specified date work will begin. 

Decks should be cleared of personal property to avoid damage during the project. 


A notice will be forwarded to residents before the project begins.

Cement Landing Repairs - Completed

In October, the cement landings at units 18-19, 42-43, 114-115, 126, 163 will be repaired. 

The cement landings should be cleared of personal property to avoid damage during the project. 


A notice will be forwarded to residents before the project begins.

Cascades Recreation Area - Closed due to COVID-19 restrictions - Updated June 28, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Massachusetts state restrictions and the Dracut Board of Health, the Cascades Recreation Area remains closed. This includes the pool, playground area, BBQ grilling area, the picnic table area and tennis courts. Until these areas can be safely opened under the current CDC guidelines along with the Massachusetts state restrictions, these areas will remain closed for the foreseeable future. The safety of all residents is of utmost concern.

Spiral Stairs - Building 5 - Power Wash & Paint - Completed

Dave Miller has been hired by the Board of Governors to power wash and paint the rear spiral stairs in your building. Dave will be on site, weather permitting, the week of August 10, 2020, at approximately 8:00 A.M. Please remove any personal items from your rear deck, patio and/or immediate surroundings in preparation.


The Association, Property Management of Andover and the contractor are not responsible for any damages to your items if left on the deck during this process. Thank you for your cooperation

Rear Deck Replacement at Building 7 - Completed

Work is expected to start May 26 and will take several weeks to complete


Building 7 residents will be reminded to remove their personal belongs from their rear decks as work progresses and approaches their area.


A notice will be forwarded to residents before the project begins.

Annual Fire Alarm Inspection for 2020 - Postponed


The 2020 annual inspection usually conducted in the spring of each year has been postponed until further notice due to Massachusetts COVID-19 restrictions. This inspection includes the fire alarms, water heaters and washing machine hoses. Once restrictions have been lifted, the annual fire alarm inspection will be scheduled. 

Roof Replacement Building 3 - Completed


UPDATED 4/24/2020 - The building 3 roof replacement has been completed.


UPDATED 4/6/2020 - Under the construction and residential work waiver, work has resumed on the building 3 roof. 

2020 Cascades Condo Fee Increase 

Your Board of Governors, together with your Property Manager, have worked diligently throughout 2019, closely monitoring the Association's day to day operational, maintenance and project expenses. At this time, we are informing you that your approved 2020 monthly association fee will be increasing. The last fee increase was on January 01, 2017.  Letters are being sent to all unit owners regarding this increase.


We continue to work on our roof replacement project with only three buildings left to complete.  We are doing this work without the need for special assessments or funds from a bank loan.  Our goal is to complete the roofs and finish replacement of the rear decks on the two remaining buildings without a special assessment or loan. 


If we do not encounter any unusual or unexpected events, we also plan to maintain this fee for two additional years. 

Please feel free to contact Property Management of Andover at 978-683-4101, should you have any questions.

Cascades Condos Initiatives 

Check out the all new Cascades Condos Initiatives bulletin board in the mailroom for all the details on the two initiatives for updating the By-Laws and a limit on the number of rentals. Further information on these two initiatives can be found in the Initiatives Form on this website.